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What is an adventure elopement?

adventure elopement photography

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Elopements have increased in popularity since 2020 and evolved well beyond going to the courthouse. Couples are now focusing on what is important to them and celebrating in ways that really represent their love and relationship. For many couples, that looks like traveling to a gorgeous destination and making the day an adventure. Are you and your partner considering an adventure elopement for your big day? Read on to learn all about adventure elopements and what they can look like!

Adventure elopement utah

What does it mean to elope?

Elopements originally existed for couples who needed to exchange their vows in private without their family’s permission. Thankfully, modern elopements generally don’t occur under such unfortunate circumstances. Couples choose to elope alone, or with a small number of guests for a number of reasons. In most cases, that reason is that the couple is looking for a day that feels most authentic to them and focuses on their love instead of the traditions of weddings. Modern elopements are generally categorized as any marriage with 25 or fewer guests.

adventure elopement photography
adventure wedding in snow

Make your elopement an adventure

One of my favorite parts of photographing elopements is the freedom that it provides in terms of location. Whether you choose to elope at the courthouse, in your living room, or on the other side of the country – nothing is holding you back from choosing the location that means the most to you and your partner. My personal favorite elopements are adventure elopements where couples choose an incredible destination to celebrate their marriage. From mountain tops in National parks to beachside picnics at sunset, I have been so fortunate to experience some incredible locations with my couples. Adventure elopements are fantastic for couples who love to travel or explore the outdoors and can happen almost anywhere with the right permits!

pennsylvania elopement photographer

Where should you have your adventure elopement?

If you and your partner think an adventure elopement sounds right for you, one of the first steps is to decide on a location! I made this quiz especially for couples to find the perfect elopement destination.
While my quiz includes some of my favorite places across the country and world, I also suggest that couples think about places that are uniquely special to them. Is there somewhere you’ve always dreamed of traveling together? Or maybe somewhere you visited before that you loved? My elopement packages include location suggestions and scouting, so no worries if you haven’t nailed down your location before you book!

adventure elopement photographer
destination elopement photography

Accessibility in Adventure Elopements

While the portrayal of adventure elopements often involves lots of hiking and hard-to-reach locations, there are so many great options for more accessible adventure elopement destinations. I’ve seen some incredible roadside ceremony spots in parks across the country which are fantastic for couples who plan on bringing guests. And if you still prefer a hard-to-reach destination, there are tons of amazing transportation options outside of hiking! From helicopters to boats to 4x4s, there are incredible adventure elopement options for everyone!

I have also had the pleasure of working at some private venues for adventure elopements that are absolutely stunning. If you plan on bringing more than a handful of guests, or you just want a day that has a little more of a traditional wedding feel, these are incredible spots to celebrate.

Winter adventure elopement

Adventure Elopement Photography

I specialize in intimate travel wedding celebrations in the great outdoors and I’ve been all over Pennsylvania, and the United States, and have even traveled internationally for wedding days! I have a passion for travel and meeting my couples in far-away, awe-inspiring locations. I’d love to tell you all about my favorite places to elope, bucket list places I’d love to get to, or small venues you can celebrate at. Reach out with your vision for your day and I’ll help you to create the best day ever that is 100% a reflection of your relationship. And I’ll tangibly document your day so that when you look back your photos will tell a story of each and every moment, emotion, and feelings you shared.

Whether you are having an intimate PA celebration, a west coast adventure elopement, or something in between, my goal is to bring a sense of adventure and confidence to your day so you can experience every moment to its full potential. I believe your wedding should be as epic as your love! If you book your elopement day with me, I’ll take you to epic locations that encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and experience your love in its purest form! Let’s get lost in nature together and document your perfect day!



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