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Best Elopement Suits and Where to Find Them

Elopement suits

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Grooms – don’t forget to enjoy your special moments as you approach your wedding day! Picking out your elopement day attire can and should be an exciting activity. Whether you choose to bring friends or family members with you or to shop with your partner, make a fun day of it! And most importantly, make sure your elopement suit feels authentic to you and the wedding you’re planning!

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The Best Suit For Your Elopement

Non-Traditional Wedding Suits

What do you picture when you think of a wedding suit? Probably all black or charcoal grey. Maybe even a tuxedo. When you chose to elope, you decided to throw tradition out the window – and that’s true of what you wear too! If you feel your best in a leather jacket and corduroy pants, that’s what you should get married in! While you should try to match the formality of your partner, you don’t have to stick to traditional materials, cuts, or fabrics for your suit. And if a traditional suit is more your style, go for it! You can spice up a traditional suit with fun liners, ties, or pocket squares.

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A Suit to Withstand Elopement Activities

When you clothes shop for your big day, you should have a rough idea of what climate your elopement will be in and what activities you plan on doing. When trying on pieces, put them to the test to see if they’ll be a good option! If you’re hiking on your elopement, you’ll want to make sure you can take big steps, bend down, and reach up comfortably. If you are eloping somewhere cold, maybe consider having space for a thermal layer under your suit. And don’t forget about the heat! If you’re eloping somewhere tropical loose light layers are the best option.

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My Favorite Shops for Elopement Suits

The Black Tux: Offering suits for both rental and purchase, you can fill out a questionnaire to nail down your correct sizes plus use their free home try-on to make sure it fits before they commit. 

ASOS: ASOS offers unique and affordable menswear in all sizes. If you’re looking for colored or patterned suits, especially in skinny fit, ASOS is your shop. 

Indochino: A quality suit that will have you looking sharp. Indochino offers great colors that will compliment the landscape you are in perfectly! 

Express: Whether you’re looking for trendy or timeless, Express is a great affordable option for your wedding suit needs! Mix and match pants and jackets to make your best fit. 

Generation Tux: The only rental-only option on the list, Generation Tux allows you to design your look, try it on two weeks prior to your event, and provides free and easy returns. 

Nordstrom: Nordstrom’s tuxedo shop caters to every budget and style, with an expansive range of labels from Giorgio Armani, Canali, and BOSS to Ted Baker, Bonobos, and Topman. 

Suit Supply: Get ready to invest in a well-made, high-quality suit that will last you for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a tuxedo, two or three-piece suit, Suit Supply won’t disappoint. 

Men’s Wearhouse: This brand is synonymous with groom attire, but did you know you can rent or shop online? Choose from popular brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, or Perry Ellis. 

Bonobos: Find everything you need to look stellar on your big day and get ready to feel more dapper than ever before! P.S. If you’re looking for cool ties or printed shirts, Bonobos is your spot! 

The Tie Bar: The Tie Bar offers shirts, pants, and all the accessories from dress socks and pocket squares to suspenders and, obviously, ties. 

AT the end of the day, the most important part of choosing your elopement suit is finding one that is authentic to you! Your partner is going to think you look fantastic in absolutely anything! But if you like to prioritize fun and comfort, these tips and shops should help you find the perfect elopement suit for you!


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