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I've taken the steps to form a profitable business that is filled with work and clients that I love. I've doubled my revenue every year, created solid workflows and systems that allow me space to dream in my business, found my why and my brand mission, fully booked my calendar, and gained so much confidence in my work and my business. 

I'm so glad you came to check out this page all about my mentorship offers for other photographers! I’ve been doing full-time wedding photography since 2017 and in that time, I’ve photographed over 100 weddings. Education was something I invested in since the very beginning of my business. I highly believe in investing in yourself, so congrats on taking the first step to doing just that! 

Hey There! 

There are so many options of what we can talk in depth about on your 1 hour mentorship call! No matter what we chat about, I'll meet you where you're at and hold nothing back! Possible topics we can discuss include: implementing organization workflow practices, goal setting and how to work on your business not just in it, client experience & posing, shooting and editing, finding your why, marketing, SEO tips, and website audits. Together we will work to get you your time back, dream big, create confidence in your business, hone in on your skills, elevate your brand, and bring the right clients to you. 

You deserve sucess! 

Book a one-time call or sign up for a three month mentorship to work through your next big goal or project side by side! We can also meet up in person and shoot a couple's session together where I can show you the ropes of shooting and guiding couples on your sessions! Book one session or as many as you'd like! 

How does this work?


Let's meet over coffee on zoom to answer all your questions and gain you confidence in your business! I'll send you a pre-call questionnaire to assess your business and get an idea of what topics you'd like to discuss. You'll have access to record our meeting, and I'll also send you notes afterwards with actionable steps for you to take!

Let's Talk Strategy &
All Things Business! 

business Mentorship
1 hour Zoom call 


Let's meetup in person; one hour to answer all your questions and gain you confidence in your business, followed by a one hour couples shoot! I'll teach on shooting and posing techniques in real time so that you can see how to make your clients feel comfortable with amazing photos to match!

Let's Talk Photography &
Practice Shooting! 

Mentorship Photo Session
2 hour in person meetup

what past mentees had to say...

"Wow where do I start?! Cara was very attentive and informational with the workflow gaps that I wanted to upscale. I needed guidance in implementing more fluid communication with my clients after I received the initial inquiries. She showed me the way she responded and how she delivered her information and how she educated her clients. She was an open book and shared her heart of all the knowledge she held. Once I put all the PDFs into place + shared a client gallery they quickly agreed to a phone call and booked the wedding within the day. Cara is well worth every moment you invest into her mentorship. She holds nothing back and will go over and above to see you succeed! Her heart is pure gold."

- Tawanda 

"I really loved sitting down to talk business with Cara. She provided me with a face-to-face website audit and gave me tips and tools to know where and how to capture attention and turn viewers into real clients. She challenged me to make edits on my website to help me to bring in more couples and clients that I really want for my business. I am so excited to improve my brand and continue working on the copy and layout of my site for a better client experience. Overall, Cara was great at asking me what I specifically struggled with and made sure to mentor in a genuine, productive, and applicable way. I love getting general tips & tricks advice as I continue in my business, but the one-on-one specific mentor session with Cara was 10x more clear and helpful to me!"

- Danielle 

"Meeting with Cara for a mentorship session was so helpful for my business! She not only answered the questions I had, but she gave me great advice on ways to grow and improve as a business owner and photographer. At the start, I wanted to get better at organization and client connection. Cara had so many tips and a few programs that have already started to help with the client experience! After implementing some of the tips that Cara gave me, I already feel more comfortable when approaching new clients and booking sessions. The mentorship session was not only what my business needed, but it also made me feel more confident moving forward. I love that we could also have fun while doing it, too. I definitely recommend working with Cara if you want to level up your business, book more clients, and connect with them on a deeper level!"

- Natalie

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