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I am not a brand; I’m a person. And you are not a couple, you are individuals who are on a journey of life together. It’s an incredibly unique experience that deserves to be captured and documented exactly how it unfolds. I don’t force poses. I get to know you and I learn your nuances.

I believe in connecting deeply with my couples, giving them the best experience possible, and documenting the day in a way that honors their unique relationship. I'm passionate about creating artistic cinematic photos that feel like snapshots of life. If you are a couple looking for a personalized unique wedding experience, then let's get chat! 

My Vision

More About me

I am an artist turned photographer, with a kid at heart mentality and a love for nature. My passion for art started from a young age with portraiture and drawing. Since then I've blended my passions for art, my love of the human experience, and travel into my dream career! And I feel blessed to get to document such beautiful and meaningful moments in people's lives. 

I'm a wife to my husband Casey, mom to our daughter Delilah, and a total dog mom to our pups Sadie and Harley. I'm a dark chocolate lover, cinematic film nerd, avid traveler, and at my core, I'm just an imperfect Christ follower trying to be the best version of myself every day and spread God's love. 

Who I am

Hi There! I'm Cara.









When I'm not editing you can find me chasing waterfalls, watching the sunset, or enjoying a campfire and cooking s'mores. I love spending my free weekends exploring with Casey and the pups. 

Chasing waterfalls
and sunsets.

I love being by the water. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and going to the beach every summer with my family. I'm a total fish, and I love soaking up the sun at the beach all day, and heading in for a swim or going kayaking with the dolphins to cool off. 

Beach bumming and ocean kayaking.

I'm always busy planning my next adventure. In my free time I enjoy looking up flights, checking out the coolest places to stay, and researching new travel destinations. I want to see as much as I can and I would love for you to join me! 

Jet setting and travel planning.

Family is so important to me! Sundays are my family days. We love hanging by the pool, barbecuing, and just joking around! 

Sunday night dinners and time with family.

I love drawing and painting. Watercolor is my current medium of choice. Portraiture was actually my first passion! It allows me to disconnect, relax, and just be present. I love taking a blank piece paper and turning it into a masterpiece! Ask me about my couples portraits that I offer. 

A glass of wine and a paint brush. 

In my free time...

It's not always the grand gestures or the ultra-wide landscapes that tell your story best. Sometimes it's the muddy toes and the softly entwined fingers; the way the wind blows through your hair, and the way the mist feels on your skin; and all of the in between moments that make up the emotions of what you feel on your day. I strive to focus on documenting the organic real moments of your day. Because often times, those are the moments we want to remember. 

The small details that tell your story

I'm all about...