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Why Couples Choose to Elope

why couples choose to elope

Reasons for Eloping | Why Elope Instead of Having a Wedding | Wedding vs Elopement

Historically, elopements began as a way to run away and marry your loved one without the approval of your parents or family. Thankfully, now there are plenty more (and nicer) reasons couples choose to elope! If you’re debating between eloping and having a big wedding, this list will help you to decide if eloping is right for you! 

Reasons to elope

Reasons to Elope

It’s more intimate and authentic.

Probably the most common reason I hear from couples who chose to elope is that they wanted a day that focused on just the two of them. Stepping away from a traditional wedding opens the doors for all types of celebrations, allowing you to be totally authentic to your relationship. Unfortunately, big weddings can mean that a couple gets so caught up in tradition and greeting their guests that they hardly get to spend time together on their big day. If you want to prioritize your partner, marriage, and love, an elopement might be the right choice for you.

Wedding planning is too stressful.

Last year, Martha Stewart Magazine reported that the average couple spends 200 – 300 hours planning their wedding. That is a lot of work to take on! Plus, a lot of people experience decision fatigue when planning a wedding, and if you aren’t 100% set on having a big wedding, it can make you question if you’re doing the right thing. Planning an elopement can be much easier than planning a traditional wedding. Especially if you’re choosing to elope locally, it can be as simple as getting your paperwork, an officiant, a photographer, and an outfit! 

why to elope

You want to get married at a beautiful destination.

If you and your partner love to travel, it makes sense that you would want to get married at a beautiful destination! While big destination weddings are totally possible, they’re also very expensive for not only the couple but also the guests. Due to this, many couples choose to elope alone or with only a few immediate family members at stunning destinations across the globe. 

To avoid wedding day drama.

An unfortunate reality of weddings is that they can bring out the worst in some people. If you or your partner have unpleasant family dynamics that you will have to navigate on your wedding day, it may be a more pleasant experience to elope! Whether you choose to elope alone or with a few close friends and family members, an intimate, private celebration can allow you to have a peaceful and joyful celebration instead of one filled with drama.

Why elope

You don’t like being the center of attention.

Does standing in front of 150 people and reading emotional vows to your partner sound like your worst nightmare? You’re not alone. A huge reason couples elope is that they don’t like being the center of attention. Whether you’re introverted or suffer from stage fright, you shouldn’t have to put yourself through discomfort on your wedding day just for the sake of tradition.

To save money.

To clarify: not all elopements will be cheaper than having a wedding. However, cutting your guest list down to a handful of people (or none) can absolutely save you money. Lots of couples choose to elope to save money, but even more choose to elope so they can spend their money in ways that are more important to them. When you don’t need a venue or caterer you can prioritize things like videography, photography, and accommodations.

Should we elope

It’s better for the environment.

Unfortunately, traditional weddings cause a lot of waste and usually require a lot of guests to travel. This means that your wedding might have a much bigger carbon footprint than you are comfortable with. While eloping isn’t completely carbon neutral (especially if you’re flying), it generally has a much smaller impact than a large wedding. Plus, when you’re the one traveling you can do things like carbon offset your flights and prioritize eco-friendly accommodations. 

Every couple has different reasons why they choose to elope, and often it’s a combination of many small reasons that lead them to their decision. However, there is one thing I’ve noticed that my elopement couples have in common: they never regret their decision. Whether you choose to elope in your backyard or across the world, with your family or in secret – choosing an elopement means choosing yourselves.


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