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Planning Your Wedding During Covid-19


First of all, if you are a bride or groom to-be who is reading this, I am so sorry! It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and bummed out, or just plan angry. Secondly, I am not creating this post so that I can give you a fluffy vague idea of how to change your wedding date, or inform your guests about changed dates or travel. I know there is SO MUCH more that is going to go into you planning or postponing your wedding during covid and your time is valuable! I am not going to pretend that I am an expert at pandemic wedding planning, but luckily, I know right where to send you to get all of the most informed information on how to plan your wedding during this season.

The knot has a HUGE team of vendors who are working hard to keep you up to date on how to handle your wedding plans during covid-19. Check out their multiple blog posts on each and every step to planning and rescheduling your wedding starting HERE. Including:

How to Get Started
For Couples Planning Their Weddings
Wedding Dress Help
For The Wedding Guests
For You and Your Relationship
Additional Resources

And SOOO much more!! No matter if you are already in the stages on postponing or rescheduling your wedding, or if you are newly engaged and trying to start navigating virtual planning, they have all the info you’ll need! There isn’t much more I need to say, and like I said this post is not about fluff, just getting you the best information I can in the most efficient way possible!!

Here is a quote from their Social Distance Planning Post:

“Let me be blunt: if your wedding is planned for anytime between April and June, you need to accept that fact that postponement may be necessary,” says Perotti. “Now that the Band-Aid has been ripped off, what’s next?” – The Knot

how to plan your wedding during covid-19

One last thing, a quick note from your vendors:

I am so sorry to know that your wedding plans have been negatively affecting during this current season we are all going through. I just want to let you know that your vendors are here for you! We want to help you and be there for you in the best way we can! So please don’t hesitate to keep us all in the loop, we are happy to help by connecting you to other vendors, helping you narrow down dates, or just being there for your emotion support! I can not imagine all of the feelings you must be going through. But I want you to know that your feelings are heard and accepted. I hope this helps you to plan or postpone your wedding day to be everything you always dreamed it would be!

How to plan a wedding during covid-19


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